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If your vehicle has been towed to our storage lot, please be advised that there are city, county, state, and federal laws which govern the handling and release of impounded vehicles and any property contained in them.

The following are general guidelines concerning vehicle release.* Please contact the Towing Department if you have questions regarding fees or procedures related to your vehicle.

Vehicles and personal belongings can only be released to the registered owner or that owner's designated representative. Both parties must show a picture identification.  


To OBTAIN PERSONAL ITEMS from your vehicle you will need:
- Copy of current registration or title
- Picture ID



- Current Registration
- Current Proof of Insurance
- Owner must have picture ID
- A licensed driver who must present a valid Driver's License



- A signed letter from the owner authorizing you to take possession of the vehicle or to remove personal items from it. (This can be faxed to 517-393-2527)
- A copy of owner's ID (or verification of ID from Jail)
- Your valid Driver's License (or other picture ID if only removing personal items)








*please note that vehicles with police holds may be subject to additional restrictions. If your vehicle has had a police hold placed on it, you will need to contact the police department involved in your case directly.

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