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Terms and Conditions

 Warranty does not cover damage incurred from improper use or installation.

Shroyer Auto Parts does not assume responsibility for damages or any loss caused from installation, use or removal of merchandise, part or unit purchased. Warranty covers cost of item sold but DOES NOT extend to installation or labor costs.

Installation must be performed by a certified mechanic operating at a licensed repair facility. The mechanic must be licensed for the applicable repair category. Failure to utilize a properly trained and licensed mechanic may void the warranty.

Unless otherwise noted, all used/recycled items are guaranteed for 90 days against mechanical defects. Where extended warranties are offered, they must appear on the front of the invoice in order to be valid.

All used/recycled parts are marked or stamped. In order to be eligible for a refund or replacement, item must still have original identifying markings.

All returned merchandise must be in the same condition as it was sold and must be accompanied by the original receipt of purchase.

Engines are warranted against rod knock, cracked blocks or heads, and bad cam or crankshaft. Engine accessories including water pump, fuel injectors, distributor, computers, modules, relays and sensors are NOT covered by warranty. Engine accessories are left on the engine as a convenience- they must be changed to ensure compatibility and functionality. Failure to change engine accessories which results in damage to the engine may void warranty.

Sheet metal items carry a one-year warranty against corrosion unless otherwise noted on invoice.

Special Order items may be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

 Items marked “SOLD AS CORE” are exempt from any warranty including warranty of merchantability or fitness of use.

NEW parts carry a 1 year warranty against mechanical defect unless otherwise noted on receipt of sale.

Unless otherwise noted, battery warranties are stated below:

RECONDITIONED        6 Month Warranty

NEW                            20 Month Free Replacement or Manufacturer’s Stated Warranty

USED TIRES are sold AS-IS and no warranty is expressed, intended or implied.

NEW TIRES are sold under terms of Manufacturer’s Stated Warranty, if any, which must be listed on receipt.


This recycled part has been provided by a professional automotive recycler that participates in the ARA Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recyclers program and therefore agrees to abide by the program’s code of ethics. If you feel that this company failed to deliver on a promise or if you are not satisfied with your product or purchase, please fax your concerns to Automotive Recyclers Association at (703)-385-1494.

This warranty is printed on the reverse side of every sales receipt. In the event of a discrepency, the printed warranty terms on the receipt shall supercede all other warranties, claims or stated terms.

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